Some new plans...

I have some new adventures in mind...

Learn hanggliding, flying like a bird...
A first 100 km flight

Learn new Kitetricks on the surfboard 

SUPîng on the lake Thun

Check out Australia, comming early 2014


so I'm waiting for the spring = )


looking forward to a great year 2013, 

fun with friends, good moments and to travel often.


I will post a bit often some blogs...

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Brasil 11.2012

One Month Brasil was amazing...


1. n' 2. Week

After cold and rainy weather i arrived in Forteleza after a stopover in Lissabon.

Then i took a Taxi to Paracuru where I was for two Weeks -


I met some nice people from all over the world. Swiss, German, Ösis, France/Italian, one from Britan, Texas and so on...


From Paracuru I did some Daytrips to Taiba, Lagoina where i also met some swissdudes from my hometown, so funny! We had good Partys with Brasilians.

The Food was delicious, and the Caipis, haaaa what a time...


3. Week

I drove back to Fortaleza to catch the cheap 5*-Bus to Jeri. After 5-6 h i had to change to a 4x4 wheel Minus-5*-Off-Road-Open-Bus with hard seats. With them we drove offroad over Sanddunes and Beaches to Jery. This was at midnight and the stars where soo unbelievable bright. I slept by some windsurffriends for 5 nigths.

Jeri is in the middle of nowhere, just sand, wind, and SAND...

The Wind was almost every Day much or too much for my 8 qm. Had never ever so overpowerd wind and in gusty conditions. After one day i met my swissdudes again and hangout. One of them had to go home and I diced to go further with the other one, rené.


4. Week

We drove with other Swissguys over to Barra Grande. René and I took a casa. And we stay there for 5 days. Was the best place, uncrowded, strong wind, huge flatwater area in lowtide, and a pretty BIG Lagoon. Food was nice, and the Brasilians were so friendly!

Then we had to go back to Paracuru where we stay another 4-5 Days.



4 Weeks with every Day and Nigth wind. Flatwater, Waves. Soo nice and cheap food and drinks. Never sleeps bad, even in the hammock.

Broken my Ringfinger and hurting the Back and Hips.

But so much richer in my mind.


Was a great time, thank's everybody I met there, hope to see ya another time somewhere anywhere.


Check the Photos here >


Video is in progress...


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road trip september 11

Form Home Thun, CH to France, Dune du Pyla to Portugal, Porto and Lissabon then Spain, Tarifa for about 10 days and after a looong drive over Mardrid to Rosas then Leucate and finnaly back Home 


Here some Pictures


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